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Friday, December 21, 2012 - 09:01

Kit of Parts

For those of you interested, the KOP Website has been updated to include more information about the sizes and weights of the various parts of the Kickoff Kit.


Game Hint #3

31 88274153, 622341415326

412383975388 9788533197

31 262383835388, 332341415326

93276426238397 995323979397


I’ll blog again soon.



Oh! It rimes... how nice of a hint!

How convenient that if we use PI as a base for the letters it works out.

Please explain further.

Mayan Ball Game

Some observations.Recent album by The Script, titled "#3", features on "hall of fame", about champions. "Singer great"?
Three Mayan calendars, each round, work together.
No zeros in clue. What if we ignore 1s and 2s.
Earlier blog about Mayan calendar, solstice and 'coincidence'
Just some obsevations...maybe not meaningful. I'm leave that to you brainiacs!

It's not a sports game Hint # 1

Having a little time on my hands, I used an online, iterative anagram solver, to rearrange the poem into this:

"rearrange letters, showing message hiding inside, kiddos"

So, the hidden message is that there is a hidden message !?!?

I just want to point out that if it were to be separated into pairs and if you had a document or something the first number corresponds to a row and the second then corresponding to the word in the row or the first letter of that word.

first likes to use cultural events in their games, (lunacy and the moon landing, for instance) and a 3rd Bak'tun (Mayan calendar cycle, every three of is a date for celebration)that occurred on Dec 21 was a media field day. however it's also around christmas and "Singer Great" could also be deciphered as "Sinter Treat", Sinter Klause being the dutch word for Santa clause. so it's either alluding to the mayan calendar or a treat from santa

I don't think, though that FIRST would want to affiliate itself with a religion. Granted Santa isn't necessarily affiliated to just Christianity, from what a surprisingly detailed wiki page tells me, he is littered throughout history and many different cultures and our current view of Santa is a culmination of many original traditions. Even so, people might be offended by the reference, and I'm sure with FIRST's current mission giving up their secular status is not on the agenda. Woohoo! ōllamaliztli it is!!

What do you mean by that? A treat from Santa. That he will pay for all of our parts or something.

Wouldn't that be nice!

if we set the date realease of thrid hin it show 21 DEC 12 if we look at it as a feild the 2's is the players and the 1's is the protection glass. D and C are continants which could be robots E is a vowle so in fact we probaly have to scor something in the middle. THen the thrid game hint refering back to the first game hint show that were are playing with the logo pieces. so we are pretty probably hanging peice like logomotion in the center of the feild

it has to do with white frost. Rime means white frost in old English.

It's so Obvious!

They probably send the hint out just to watch and laugh at our ridiculous conjecture.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I know what the robots is going to be. hahahahahahah

I think ROSE is Researrch Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences, part of NASA . NASA is working closely with FRC this year. I believe KISSED is Keep It Super Safe.

Where can the 1st hint be found.I'm new to this so help me out a bit.

Could someone post links to the first to game hints please? :)

Could it be balancing something like a seal. Great singer is Seal. Song is "Kiss from a Rose"
Song opens with a tower. Just guessing

maybe instead of the robot "singing", it will have to recognize sound sequences. either way we will find out soon

What did the game hint actually mean?

So since the season is official over (on to off-season!) can we know what this hint actually meant?

The folks who got to the poem had it right.
A ROSE, KISSED (Kiss From a Rose is a song by Seal)
SINGER GREAT (The Great 'Seal' of the United States has a pyramid on its reverse)
A DINNER, MISSED (Dinner plates are typically discs. 'Missed' makes this line rhyme with the first line)
HOLDING WEIGHT (Refers either to the disc counting method, or robots holding themselves off the ground, your choice)
This clue was a joint creation of several members of the GDC.
I released it as Game Hint '#3' just for fun. The '#3' was just a symbolic identifier, there weren't any earlier game hints.

It could be a mini golf game. The two clues so far were pi, which is used for any measurement of a circle or sphere, and glow in the dark, which most mini golf games are in. Just a suggestion, any more ideas?

can we shot from the goalie zone? Yes or No.

Hi Julie - 

Questions about the 2014 FRC Game can be asked via the official Q&A:

Thank you!


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