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Friday, July 26, 2013 - 17:08

On yesterday's FRC Blog entry discussing our alliance selection procedure, a negative comment was posted that was directed to two specific teams.  Negative comments about specific teams or individuals are not in the intended spirit of this blog, and we should not have allowed them to be posted. I sincerely apologize for that. The comment, and follow-on response, have been deleted.

I want to see honest, vigorous discussion on this blog, but I see no advantage to pointing fingers at specific teams or individuals. It’s fine to raise concerns over behaviors you’ve witnessed, but please leave specific teams or individuals out of the discussion. If you see an issue with a specific team or individual at an event, please raise it with the proper authorities or go to Pit Admin to complete a non-medical incident report form. If a concern is identified between events, please send an email to with the details. Your concern will be addressed.

Again, I apologize for allowing that comment to be posted.



Frank, I read through the comments about alliance selections and was also somewhat disturbed by calling out specific teams and mentors. You are correct, I feel that this forum/blog is not about criticizing a past event, but about focusing on improving the experience for the future events.

Also, congrats on being stripped of the "Acting" piece of your title!

I've read most of the Chief Delphi thread that Frank pointed us to. After all of that discussion I can't really see any reason for changing the current alliance selection criteria. There are pros and cons for each side of the discussion and I don't see, at this point, any "golden rule" that would really help.

Possibly only enforcing the "cannot be picked after declining" rule for the first round of selections might help. However, there are a lot of scenarios that this would bring up that need to be thought through.


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