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Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 14:51

I wanted to make you aware that we had to revise four answers to submitted questions to the Q&A (Q97, Q98, Q107 & Q150). The questions dealt with one robot lifting another in an attempt to earn climb points.  After further internal discussions, we realized that the original answers were not consistent with the intent or the wording in the manual. Section says the robot must contact the pyramid during ascent.  Robot ‘A’ may lift Robot ‘B’ to earn climb points, but Robot ‘B’ must contact the pyramid levels in sequential order to earn climb points.  Contact means just what you expect it would – ‘touch’.  Weight bearing is not required. 

As with all my comments on rules, this blog is not an official rules source.  However, if you look at the revised answers to the Q&A questions linked above, and look closely at the manual, I think this will make sense to you.

Our apologies for any confusion, and we thank you for your understanding.


I’ll blog again soon.



We are building our robot as a rectangle (with dimensions of 30" x 25")and want to be able to extend a mechanism like a scoop outside of the 112 in frame perimeter. Will this be within regulations?

You can extend outside of your frame perimeter, as long as your robot fits within a 54" wide, 84" tall vertical cylinder while not on the pyramid, or, while touching the pyramid a 54" wide, 84" tall cylinder in ANY orientation.

As this is a rules question, I won't be answering it here. Please submit your question through the official Q&A system here:

Also, you should consider any responses you get from other commenters on this blog as unofficial.


As long as your frame perimeter itself doesn't move, and your robot does not exceed the 55" cylinder, you should be OK.

i am confused, i thought that the cylinder was 54". did they change the cylinder size?

how can the perimiter move

the perimeter should be stable on the robot

Can you have a circular frame perimeter?

Can we have air pressurized objects on our bot that releases by a valve

Hi Seth - 

The place to go for official answers to questions is


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