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Monday, August 20, 2012 - 09:38

Hello Teams,

Team 548 contacted me recently and asked if I would be willing to publish a statement from them regarding the events on Einstein on the FRC Blog.  You can find their statement here.  This statement represents, in part, their Steering Committee’s understanding of events that took place during the Einstein matches. To be clear, there are some differences between this understanding of events and the events as presented in the Einstein Report.  FIRST continues to stand by its report.   However, rather than dwelling on the differences, I want to thank Team 548 for coming forward, acknowledging their former mentor’s involvement, and apologizing to you, the FRC community. I’m sure that making this decision to come forward was very difficult, but it seems to me the right thing to do.



I applaud team 548 for their public statement. However; there is a mountain of evidence to suggest that what happened on Einstein happened elsewhere that 548 competed. It is unfair and insulting that 548's mentor only apologized for what he did on Einstein, as so many believe he did this same thing at 548's other events in order to gain a competitive advantage. Does he confirm or deny these accusations?

To my knowledge, he has not been approached with these accusations from FIRST Headquarters. As Jon noted in his letter introducing the Einstein report, we do not intend to reopen results from Divisional play or prior FRC events, and this individual has already been prohibited from participating in any future FIRST event in any capacity. This is the most serious consequence we can deliver to an individual.

They need to do more than simply say he "contributed to the controversy" he caused it. The statement by team 548 is a very weak apology, just words. Back it with action.
Will they be giving up their Blue Banners from this year ( Winner at Northville, Chairmans at Northville) ? Will they lose the ability to host a district ( Northville)? I would like to think the answer is Yes to both. I fear the answer is no. These banners need to be sent back, the district needs to be moved. Will they be given "Free" passage to Championship? The answer must be NO.

I usually don't enjoy replying to comments on matters that I'm not involved in but I must say, you are very ignorant to the situation. The mentor acted alone, and if any of the current members of 548 would have spoken out or stopped it if they knew. Just because they were not in knowledge of the situation, and what may have happened (because who ever said that they exploited through the whole season?) doesn't mean they all should be punished. And what does Chairmans have to do with it? Chairmans is a completely separate award, tell me how you exploit your way into that?

Thank you. Also, if the efforts of 548 were so successful in hacking the fields, why didn't they win? Why did the robots on their alliance sit dead on the field? Why didn't they win every district event they attended? It doesn't add up. Also, what would you have done if you watched the students you had worked with all season sit in tears during the final matches because the robots on their alliance sat dead and you thought you knew why? Then, when you tried to explain it to the judges, they wouldn't listen. Wouldn't you have tried to show them the only way you could?

It is unfortunate that even in a community like FIRST, where our entire goal is to build people up, we so quickly jump to cut them down (take away there banners, don't let them have a free trip to championships etc). Even as outsiders looking in we can learn from it. Hopefully will grow from it.
The term Gracious Professionalism is not just something that is thrown around during season, it must be lived. If we are so wrapped up in the competition that we let it blind us then we miss the point of FIRST all together. They obviously had a good enough bot to get them to Einstein.

So no one else had a bot good enough? Wouldn't it be logical to assume they made it to Einstein because of his actions? Why did he know how his alliance was disabled on Einstein (it wasn't but he thought it was) How did he know how it was done unless he did it before. There were suspicious matches in their division, as well as the Michigan championship. Einstein was not the first time he did it. They would show gracious professionalism by returning them and turning down the free ride.

I start by saying I am not trying to get in a word war. I hate that. What I do want is for the lesson that is here to be heard. More for the students than for the adults (we tend to be a little more set in our ways). If the first thing that was heard was no one else had a bot good enough then the point was missed, there are many good teams. The point is in our current society we must be the first to offer Gracious Professionalism without ever expecting it back. The FIRST community must be the example even when we don't want to. Even when some of our own don't want to. This is what makes FIRST

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