FRC Control System Hardware Resources


Robot Control System Hardware

For general support, visit the FRC Control System section of the FRC Forums.

Questions for National Instruments? Email here!

Getting Started with the 2014 FRC Robot Control System

Robot Data Connectivity Diagram

Robot Power Connectivity Diagram

Details on one way to build a Control Board for your KOP Drive System or Benchtop Testbed.

How to Program Your Radio for Home Use

For the differences between the two cRIO's, view the cRIO-FRC vs cRIO-FRC II FAQ

Details on the cRIO

Here is a procedure and the Files to create a new USB Image Restoration Key.

UPDATE 1/3/14: We discovered an error with the E09 Classmate Image. While we fix the image, here's a document on how you can correct the issue.

UPDATE 1/10/14: If you're having trouble activating Windows on your Classmate, download this file and read this.

If you're having trouble with your Classmate, here's how to contact CTL to get help

E12 Rookie USB Image Fix (zip file)

For help with the Cypress First Touch, use the Cypress Forums.

FIRST Hardware Data Sheets

Power Distribution Board (design file)

Digital Sidecar (design file)

Analog Breakout (design file)

Solenoid Breakout (design file)

Other Parts Data Sheets

Analog Devices Accelerometer & Sensor Board

Honeywell Microswitches

Axis M1013 Camera

Axis M1011 Camera

Axis 206 Camera

Information on motor controllers and relays:

Jaguar Getting Started Guide

Victor 888 User Manual

Spike User Guide

Talon User Guide

Cypress I/O Pinout Tables

Logitech Attack 3 Joysticks

Logitech Extreme 3D Joysticks

EnerSys NP18-12 MSDS


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