Rookie Alert- Final Days of Build Season~Robot Transportation Tips~We're here to help!


Greetings Rookies:

As the final days of build season tick by and your robot doesn’t seem ready, participation in FRC can seem a little discouraging.   Don’t give up, plan ahead instead! 

  • At the events, your team will have time to make final adjustments to the robot, get the robot through robot inspection and test the robot in practice matches. All events will have Robot Inspectors and Control System Advisors, both of whom have an encyclopedic knowledge of robot systems.  It’s OK to seek everyone’s advice and to take advantage of others’ expertise.
  • Teams are provided with an empty Pit space at competition events.  As your robot begins to take shape, start to think about where components could break and how you can fix breakdowns during the event.  What tools and spare parts do you want to have on hand?  You have from now until you travel to your initial event to plan your workspace and pack supplies.

This is the hardest fun you will ever have and the most unique Coopertition® you will ever experience, so don’t give up now!

Robot Transportation Tips:

Every team must provide proof that they have ceased working on their robot on or before ROBOT STOP BUILD DAY (Tuesday, February 18, 2014).  On Robot Stop Build Day, your team MUST seal the robot in the bag provided in your Kit of Parts, with the tag from your Kit of Parts. You may work on your robot until midnight local time, but the seal must be on the bag when the clock strikes midnight! You will also need to complete the Robot Lockup form. Details are available in Section 5 of the Administrative Manual- Robot Transportation:

Verify that you have a method to transport your robot to your event(s). Do you have a safe way to lift your robot?  Does your team have a cart to move it from place to place at the event? Do you have a vehicle large enough to transport the robot, the cart and your Pit supplies?

If you were granted a Robot Transport Exemption, we suggest that you start building your crate. Verify that your robot will fit inside a crate that meets the size requirements.  Weigh both the robot and the crate together (if they exceed 400lbs, your team will incur overage fees). Details are available in Section 5.7 of the Administrative Manual- Robot Transportation:

We’re here to help:

If you have any questions, please contact Team Support at or 1-800-871-8326, “0” – they are eager to help you during this rookie season! (If you are calling from outside the United States, please dial +1.603-666-3906, “0”)

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Go Rookies!