Rookie Alert- Upcoming Deadlines~Recruit Help Now~Save yourself some trouble


Greetings Rookies:

Upcoming Deadlines:

Thursday, 12/5/13: Deadline to select your team’s Kit and Kickoff preferences in TIMS

Thursday, 12/5/13: Event Registration closes

Friday, 12/6/13: Initial event registration payment deadline

Friday, 12/6/13: Deadline to request a Robot Transport Exemption

If bringing your robot to a competition event presents your team with a substantial hardship – for example, if your team needs to travel a great distance or cross an ocean to get to your event - you may request a robot transportation exemption by sending an email to:

In your request, please include as much detail as possible to support why an exemption is required. Please use the subject line: Robot Transportation Exemption Request, Team XXXX, with your team number in place of “XXXX” in your email.

Thursday, 1/9/14: Team Profile information in TIMS will be exported

Why is this important to you?  Program books are distributed to visitors, VIPs and teams at Regional Events and your Team Profile will be included if (and only if) you have completed the information in TIMS by the deadline. You want other teams to know who you are and you want to bring home this slick souvenir to your Sponsors and supporters. To make sure you have current information included in your profile, your team’s Main or Alternate Contact must:

  • Log into TIMS;
  • Under “Teams I can Administer”, click the Team Summary button;
  • In the Team Profile section, click the Edit/View buttons to update team information.

Recruit Help now:

After Kickoff, your team will be very busy focusing on building a robot, so we suggest that you start recruiting help now!  You will need:

  • 2-3 professional engineers to work directly with your students during the design and construction of your team robot.
  • 2-10 additional adults – to handle everything else.  Ease the burden on yourself and your technical volunteers by assigning parents and other volunteers to:
    • Make travel arrangements – how will you get your team and robot to the competitions?
    • Communicate with parents/the school(s)/sponsors/local press
    • Communicate with other FRC teams/your Regional Director/FRC
    • Pick up supplies – keep your team focused on the work at hand and send someone else to the hardware store
    • Organize snacks – your team will put in long hours and everyone will get hungry

Save yourself some trouble:

Rookie teams from previous years suggest you design your record keeping methods and create a financial plan now.  Set up your fundraising/revenue stream in advance and figure out how to pay for items you need to purchase during the season.  Don’t let a few mentors charge everything on their credit cards.  They might get stuck with the bill.  More details are available in the FRC Handbook, which is available here:

We’re here to help:

If you have any questions, please contact Team Support at or 1-800-871-8326, “0” – they are eager to help you during your rookie season!

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Go Rookies!