FRC events are, in the words of our teams, "full of passion, excitement, joy, and sorrow...the thrill of success and the agony of defeat." Join us at an event!

From this page, you can link to the following events:

  • Founder's Reception - Adult mentors are invited to represent their teams at this celebration to start the season
  • Kickoff - The game is revealed to teams at the same moment in locations all over the world via broadcast
  • Regional/District events  - Teams compete in the game, are judged for awards and qualify for either the Mid-Atlantic Robotics FRC Region Championship, the Michigan FRC State Championship or the FIRST Championship
  • FIRST Championship - Teams from all over the world compete for the top honors
  • Off-Season Events - Teams host competitions of their own during the off season

Please note, if a link is not active, there is no information available at this time.