2013 FIRST Choice Ordering Rules

Below are the Ordering Rules for FIRST Choice:
  1. The FIRST Choice store will open for viewing only sometime on November 12, 2012.  The store will close on Thursday, April 25, 2013.

  2. Teams will be able to log in to the ordering portion to test their log in and get used to the process as soon as they receive their password.  Teams will not have any FIRST Credits at this time.

  3. Teams will be awarded their FIRST Credits as close to 12:01 PM Eastern time on Monday, December 10, 2012 as possible.

  4. Each team will be allowed to place as many FIRST Choice orders as they choose until they run out of their allotment of FIRST Credits. The amount of FIRST Credits given to each team will be released no later than December 10.

  5. Items are available to teams on a first come first serve basis.  Once an item goes out of stock it will be permanently out of stock for the remainder of the 2013 FIRST Choice season.  The quantities listed as you make your selections are not “live”, it is the quantity in stock at the time of the page loading.  Others users may place their order while you are making your selections, resulting in items being removed from your cart without notification.  You must have an order placed to be guaranteed the parts.

  6. FIRST Choice orders must be placed online through the AndyMark website. They will not be accepted over the phone, fax or e-mail. FIRST Choice parts can only be purchased using FIRST Credits, shipping charges must be paid for by credit card or Purchase Order at the time the order is placed. If using a Purchase Order the parts will not ship until we receive a copy of the Purchase Order to cover shipping charges. If using an open PO already on file at AndyMark to pay shipping costs, please reference your PO #. We do not need another copy.

  7. Your team’s main and alternate contacts have access to your team’s FIRST Choice password in your team’s TIMS account.  Anyone wanting to place a FIRST Choice order for your team can do so, but they must obtain your team’s unique password to the FIRST Choice ordering application.  Your team must also be registered (and paid) as a team with FIRST for the 2013 Season, and AndyMark must be notified by FIRST that this has happened.

  8. Users that are ordering FIRST Choice parts for multiple teams will have to place an order for each team, as the systems can not handle multiple teams on one order.  If all orders are shipping to the exact same address, and you wish to have the shipping combined on these orders, please contact us at: sales@andymark.com and we can work with you.

  9. All FIRST Choice users must realize that the system is being used by many users at the same time, and patience is expected while the page loads and for orders to be made.

  10. Please remember, FIRST Choice parts have been donated to FIRST and AndyMark will do everything possible in attempts to keep things fair among the 2700+ teams using the system.

  11. If you have general questions about FIRST Choice please, post them on the FIRST forum.  If you have specific questions about your FIRST Choice order, please email firstchoice@andymark.com.

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