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2016 Supplier Info & Opportunities Table (Have questions? Perhaps this helps...)

2016 Recognition Report (Donors, please complete by 11/25/15)

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Supplier Testimonials (See what existing Suppliers say about why they donate to FIRST)

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2011 FIRST Championship Book PDF (See examples of previous recognition spots here. Note: this is a large file (27 MB).)

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With what do we need help?

Product donations (Sensors, motors, etc)

One of the ways in which the FRC is unique is in the Kit of Parts that teams receive at Kickoff. Despite the introduction of FIRST Choice, and the migration of kit materials to the FIRST Choice model, we still value delivering items to teams at the Kickoff. By maintaining a surprise package for teams to open at Kickoff, we’re maintaining one of the core tenets of FIRST – all teams get surprise items in a kit at Kickoff. To get an idea for items we’ve included in the past, please check out the 2015 Kit of Parts Site. If you have items you think are appropriate for this application (new technology you want to showcase to all teams, excess inventory, slightly out-of-spec items, etc), please don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Qty required: 3250 for 2016 season
  • Due date: 10/30/15 for the 2016 season

Product Donation Vouchers

One of the new ways of getting parts to teams is called a Product Donation Voucher, or PDV. Suppliers who want to donate to teams via the kit, but would like to extend item choices to teams, may do so via a PDV. It allows teams to visit the supplier’s site and order parts compliant with the PDV. Such a donation negates the need to bulk ship inventory to FIRST. Suppliers of PDVs must be prepared to accommodate 100% PDV usage, and the content of the PDV must be approved by FIRST. Also, the PDV must be able to accommodate free items for teams (for example, a PDV for $20, when the least expensive useful item is $120 is really a $20-off coupon and thus inducement to buy – which we avoid per IRS guidelines). If you think this model is appropriate for your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Qty required: 3250 for 2016 season
  • Due date: 10/30/15 for the 2015 season

Technical Volunteers

Volunteers are the protein to the FRC experience and FRC wouldn’t be feasible without them. We request that companies encourage their technical employees to consider participating in a volunteer role. Click here for more information.  The technical roles for which we need help include:

Important Dates

10/23/15 - Items for Kickoff Kit and FIRST Choice due to warehouse

11/25/15 - Recognition Reports due

1/9/16 - 2016 FRC Season Kickoff

3/3-4/16/16 - FRC Regional and District Events

4/27-4/30/16 - FIRST Championship