You can Kinect with FRC

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Here are some questions we thought you may have. If you have specific questions, head on over to the FIRST Forums section on Kinect for more help. Please note that this is the best information we have right now, but for specific Kinect implementation for the 2012 Game, you'll have to wait for the 2012 Game Manual.

Q: Who gets Kinect?

Every registered/paid 2012 FRC team.

Q: When will Kinect be distributed?

Kickoff, 2012.

Q: How will Kinect be distributed?

Kinect will be included in each 2012 FRC Kit of Parts.

Q: What can I do with the Kinect?

The Kinect sensor, in conjunction with the Microsoft Kinect SDK, can interpret human motion and generate a map of 20 skeletal points (joints) each containing X, Y, and Z coordinates and a quality measure. From this data gestures can be analyzed - such as various arm, leg, and other body motions.

The software and tools supplied at Kickoff will enable teams to use a standard set of supplied gestures as joystick inputs all the way to writing custom client/server code to do your own analysis and communicating that data to your robot program.

Q: Where do I get information about Kinect and FRC?

Keep posted right here ( This will be the repository for documentation and links (to technical detail, forums, etc.) relevant to the 2012 implementation of Kinect in FRC.

Q: How can my team get started learning about using the Kinect before kickoff?

If you have a Kinect sensor, it can be attached to a computer running Microsoft Windows 7. Employing a Microsoft software development tool, such as the free Visual Studio Express C# Edition, and the Kinect SDK available from the Microsoft Research web site will allow you to look at the provided sample programs to get an idea of what the Kinect can do.

FIRST will provide Kinect software tools at Kickoff, but looking at the available tools and sample will help give you an idea of the capabilities of the sensor.

In addition, twelve beta teams will receive a Kinect sensor and will be sharing their experiences on the FIRST Forums as the beta program develops.

Q: How will the Kinect be used on the field during a competition?

We’re not telling yet. Details about Kinect implementation in the FRC will be released at Kickoff.

Q: Can I put the Kinect on my robot to detect other robots or field elements?

While the focus for Kinect in 2012 is at the operator level, as described above, there are no plans to prohibit teams from implementing the Kinect sensor on the robot.