FRC Mechanical Resources

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Robot Quick Build Instructions (WARNING LARGE ZIP FILE)

Drive System

Using Belts and Belt Drives by Eric Bjork (Caution: External Content)

Drive System Designs Presentation by Paul Ventimiglia (Caution: External Content)

FRC Drive Systems by Ken Stafford (Caution: External Content)

Chassis Design Considerations by Zan Hecht (Caution: External Content)


2015 Pneumatics Manual

Effectively Using Pneumatics by Ken Stafford (Caution: External Content)


2015 Motor Performance Data

Motor and Gearbox Selection by Ken Stafford (from Behind the Lines)

Other Resources

Designing Competitive Manipulators: The Mechanics & Strategy by Greg Needel (Caution: External Content)

Manipulator and Appendage Design by Andy Baker (Caution: External Content)

More videos available at ThinkTank by WPI