Official FIRST Drawings 2007

Official FIRST Drawings - Documents to build an Official FIRST Field.

This page contains documents for the 2007 FIRST Robotics Competition Season. The complete drawing set may be downloaded as a single .pdf or individual documents.

Please Note:
To save the files to your computer, right-click on the link (Ctrl-click for Mac users) and select "Save Target As" to download the file to your local hard drive.

Official FIRST Drawings - Complete Set (.zip - 4.0 MB) - includes The Rack and The Field.

The Rack

pdf iconField Rack Assembly - R1 (1.2 MB)

pdf iconField Rack Fabrication(1) - R2 (126 KB)

pdf iconField Rack Fabrication(2) - R1 (109 KB)

pdf iconField Rack Fabrication(3) - R- (115 KB)

pdf iconField Rack Sub Assemblies - R- (330 KB)

pdf iconField Rack Weldments - R2 (324 KB)

pdf icon2007 FRC Vision Target - R1 (234 KB)


The Field

pdf iconField Layout and Marking_R1 (212 KB)

pdf iconDriver Station Panel Assembly - R4 (75 KB)

pdf iconDriver Station Panel Fabrication - R3 (67 KB)

pdf iconField Entry Ramp Fabrication and Assembly - R1 (80 KB)

pdf iconField Corner Connector Fabrication and Assembly (54 KB)

pdf iconGate Hanger Fabrication (39 KB)

pdf iconCorner Panel Assembly - R1 (70 KB)

pdf iconCorner Panel Fabrication - R1 (69 KB)

pdf iconCorner Support Assembly - R5 (69 KB)

pdf iconCorner Support Fabrication - R2 (322 KB)

pdf iconCorner Top Rail - R2 (70 KB)

pdf iconDriver Station Support Assembly - R2 (300 KB)

pdf iconDriver Station Support Fabrication - R2 (358 KB)

pdf iconHinge Fabrication - R1 (217 KB)

pdf iconOutrigger Fabrication and Assembly - R2 (87 KB)

pdf iconPlastic Panel Fabrication - R3 (67 KB)

pdf iconRail Fabrication and Assembly - R1 (317 KB)

pdf iconRail Gate Fabrication and Assembly - R2 (461 KB)

pdf iconTop Rail Fabrication and Assembly - R1 (316 KB)

pdf iconField Trip Guard - R1 (37 KB)

Bungee Brackets

pdf iconBungee Bracket Drawings - Complete Set (542 KB)

pdf iconArm - R1 (115 KB)

pdf iconLower Assembly - R1 (59 KB)

pdf iconLower Clamp - R1 (132 KB)

pdf iconUpper Assembly - R1 (136 KB)

pdf iconUpper Clamp - R1 (117 KB)

pdf iconVelcro Plate - R1 (40 KB)