Pre-2009 Technical

Pre-2009 Technical

The material on this page pertains to pre-2009 FRC competitions.

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Introduction to C Programming for FIRST

This presentation developed by David Maxwell of Innovation First, is for absolute beginners who want to get started programming the 2004 FIRST Robot Controller.

Module A:
This section introduces the overall process of programming the 2004 FIRST Robot Controller.
(Run time: 10 minutes)

Module B:
This Section will highlight what's new with the 2004 Robot Controller, and compare it with previous years' RCs.
(Run time 4:46 minutes)

Module C:
Basic C programming concepts are covered in this section.
Part 1 (Run time 12:42 minutes)

Part 2 (Run time 12:10minutes)

Module D:
This section will review how this C knowledge will be applied to the Default Code available for the RC.
Part 1 (Run time 14:30 minutes)

Module E:
This section highlights additional information resources.
(Run time 1:50)

Full Presentation:
This is the full presentation in one convenient zipfile.