Regional and District Events

Spectators Welcome! FRC events are free and open to the public.

ALL FRC Teams: Prior to being able to register for an FRC Regional and or District Event, both the Main Contact (Lead Mentor 1) and Alternate Contact (Lead Mentor 2) must complete the Youth Protection Program screening process. Read more about the FIRST Youth Protection Program.

Note on Event Dates: We are listing the full range of event dates for which there is scheduled team activity. As an example, for Regionals, we will show the date on which teams may choose to load-in as the first date of the event. Load-in typically takes place in the evenings (though not always), and teams are only present for a short time if they take advantage of this option, but it is an officially scheduled team activity. Please check the specific agendas for your event, once posted, to see all the details.