FRC Regional and District Planning Guides

This page contains the links to the FIRST Robotics Competition District and Regional Planning Guides.  These are tools for District and Regional Planning Committees to use while planning FRC events and other local related activities.

Veteran Regional Planning Committees should refer to the table of contents, sections that are new or have been revised are noted in red.  In each section the changes are also written in red text.   For your convenience we have added a date field to the table below to help you more easily identify changes as they occur throughout the season.

District Planning Guide

Section Number Section Title Updated
pdf iconDistrict Planning Guide Jan. 2014
Appendix 1 pdf iconVenue Site Selection Dec. 2013
Appendix 2 pdf iconField Perimeter and Plastics Dec. 2013
Appendix 3

pdf iconRoad Case Drawing RC-00100

pdf iconRoad Case Drawing RC-00200

pdf iconRoad Case Drawing RC-00700

pdf iconRoad Case Drawing RC-00701

June 2008

June 2008

Aug. 2008

July 2012

Regional Planning Guide

Section Number Section Title Updated
pdf iconTable of Contents    
 Section 00 pdf iconIntroduction  Sept. 2015
 Section 01 pdf iconOrganizing Your Event  Aug. 2014
 Section 02 pdf iconSelecting the Site    Sept. 2015
 Section 03 pdf iconSponsor Recognition  Sept. 2015
 Section 04 pdf iconBudgets & Finance  Aug. 2013
 Section 05 pdf iconScholarships
     pdf icon Provider Opportunities for College & Universities
     pdf icon Provider Opportunities for Corporations & Associations
     pdf icon Scholarship Calendar
     pdf icon How to Become a Scholarship Provider
Aug. 2013
 Section 06 pdf iconStaffing the Event Sept. 2015
 Section 07 pdf iconJudges Aug. 2014
 Section 08 pdf iconAmbassadors 
 Section 09 pdf iconVIPs   
 Section 10 pdf iconMedia and Public Relations   Jan. 2015
 Section 10A pdf iconSample Press Coverage Oct. 2013
 Section 11 pdf iconQuality Standards  Sept. 2015
 Section 12 pdf iconVolunteer Recognition Sept. 2015
 Section 13 pdf iconForms  Aug. 2014
 Section 14 pdf iconPolicies and Procedures Aug. 2014
 Section 15 pdf iconOn-Site Checklists     Aug. 2014
 Section 16 pdf iconLocal Kickoffs   Sept. 2015
 Section 17 pdf iconFRC Calendar Sept. 2015
 Section 18 pdf iconOff-Season Events Sept. 2012
 Section 19 pdf iconTeam Forums     
 Section 20 pdf iconProgram Books Sept. 2013
 Section 21 pdf iconFIRST Policy on Lobbying and Political Campaign Activities          June 2010