FIRST announces significant funding for new FTC teams

As a result of generous contributions from several FIRST supporters, FIRST is able to announce an exciting new FTC Rookie Team Grant program for the 2013/2014 FTC Season.  All new North American teams are now able to receive a $500 grant to ease their entry into the program.  This grant will be applied to offset registration fees and to reduce the cost of purchasing the reusable robot kits used to compete.  Go to to get started.

FTC continues to grow rapidly due to its unique combination of real world engineering challenge, iterative robotic design, and robotic material options.  Combined with FIRST’s value system, FTC offers students meaningful technical challenges while developing critical thinking skills that go far beyond the classroom.

Students, sponsors, universities and partners have recognized the unique value that FTC provides in getting students “into the game” with an exciting technology based competition and award system.  The competition develops and rewards design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and programming skills – all in an environment where teams enthusiastically compete on the field while helping their opponents and communities.

Funding to make this Grant Program possible was generously provided by two anonymous long-term FIRST supporters and by the LEGO Foundation.

Please visit the Rookie Grant page for an FAQ.