Headline - Free continuing education for FTC Mentors, Coaches

Beginning Feb. 18, 2013, FTC Coaches and Mentors will have access to a free, online continuing education course.

The FTC Mentor Training course is geared to help Coaches build strong teams and also allows them to earn continuing education credits toward their professional development.

This course, created in conjunction with Enable Education and IACET certified through LeadAmerica, provides 10 hours of FTC robotics training and is worth 1-credit hour towards continuing education requirements.  

The FTC CEU contains four self-guided units with periodic, multiple choice assessments.  Upon successful completion of the course, Mentors will receive a PDF certificate of completion and the record of their work will be stored according to IACET regulations.

This course adheres to IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) guidelines and certification ensures the FTC Mentor Training CEU meets a standard of excellence recognized by organizations around the world. 

You can read more about the FTC Mentor Training on the FTC Blog.

Access the training by visiting ftctraining.usfirst.org