FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer Opportunities

In an effort to help volunteers choose the appropriate position, and to help add to their positive experience at FIRST competitions, we have profiled each of the volunteer positions according to the level of skill required in carrying out the tasks associated with each.  Profiles revolve around four major areas:

  • T: Technical acumen - possess understanding of constructing, operating, and/or repairing robots and fields, as well as knowledge of the rules and procedures of the game
  •  P:Physical ability - moving around the facility, constructing fields, and/or lifting and carrying heavy loads
  • A: Administrative responsibilities - monitoring and completing paperwork (i.e. scorecards, volunteer registration forms, etc.)
  • C:The level of Communication and interaction with teams, VIPs, volunteers, and others attending events.

At the end of each brief position description, we have marked each level of skill required to carry out the duties of that position. The abbreviations are represented in the following chart:

Volunteer Positions Skills Profile

Skills Needed to Perform Duties of Position:




















* Please note that there will be some differences in the level of skill required between the various volunteer positions across FIRST programs (FRC, FTC, FLL & Jr. FLL). Please refer to each program’s volunteer description listing for a proper profile.

Available Postions: 

Crowd Control Disc Jockey Field Manager
Field Attendants / Resetters Floater Judge
Judge Advisor Assistant Load-In / Load-Out Master of Ceremonies
Medallion Award Assistant Photographer Pit Announcer
Pit Manager Pit Runner Referee
Registration and Information Table Attendant Scorekeeper Team Queuer
Team Queuing Assistant    

Crowd Control

Facilitate smooth pedestrian traffic flow throughout the facility; monitor audience  

  • Keep aisles, hallways, and team traffic pathways clear in the Pit and near the playing field
  • Limits team, volunteer, and public access to field
  • Monitor access to designated Judge areas

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-LOW, P-MED, A-LOW, C-HI

Disc Jockey

Plays high-energy, age appropriate music throughout the competition.

  • Monitors the energy of the crowd
  • Increases or decreases musical selections based on crowd enthusiasm
  • Works with the emcee and technical director to coordinate music and the Awards Ceremony
  • Makes score announcements

Volunteer Skill Profile:  T-MED, P-MED, A-LOW, C-MED

Field Manager 

Participate in field set-up and maintenance, direct activity on the field to ensure smooth execution of the matches. Play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play, and maintaining the pace of the event.

  • Setup construction in collaboration with the FTC Technical Advisor and Event Manager
  • Direct field reset process
  • Facilitate adherence to match timing
  • Monitor placement of robots on field
  • Collaborate with the Master of Ceremonies, and Event Manager to monitor and adjust game pace, as needed
  • Observe and record team interactions, of exemplified behavior and behavior that is questionable

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-MED, P-HI, A-MED, C-HI

Field Attendant / Resetter

Repair and reset playing field after each team match. Play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining pace of the event.

  • Reset field after each team match
  • Check field for debris after match, remove
  • Check field for damage; apply/replace as needed
  • Distributes and collects crystals from the teams

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-MED, P-MED, A-LOW, C-MED


Volunteer Floaters provide assistance in various areas. 

  • Frequently help with last-minute tasks identified by event staff
  • Fill volunteer positions for "No-Show" volunteers who were assigned a specific position prior to the event, but did not show up.

Volunteer Skill Profile:  VARIES depending upon the position you may be asked to fill.


Select team award recipients through interaction with teams. Documentation regarding team background information is provided to familiarize judges with teams.  Judges are responsible for own travel/accommodation expenses and arrangements.

  • Interview and observe teams in the Judging rooms, Pit, and on the playing field
  • Review team introduction sheet
  • Participate on Judge Panel to decide team awards recipients

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-MED, P-MED, A-MED, C-HI

Judge Advisor Assistant

Assist Judge Advisor throughout the event. Collaborate with event management staff to ensure meeting competition schedule.  The Judge Assistant is not a judge, does not interview teams, or participate in awards recipient selection process.

  • Assist Judge Advisor to keep judge panel on schedule and performs other duties as assigned by the Judge Advisor
  • Provide clerical assistance, i.e., type awards scripts on laptop
  • Organize and ensure all materials and supplies needed are available, and correctly placed on tables
  • Ensure all Judges sign a Consent, Release, Hold Harmless form prior to start of event
  • Breakdown of Judge Room at end of competition, repack FIRST materials, return materials to Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-LOW, P-MED, A-HI, C-HI

Load-In / Load-Out

These volunteers are responsible for setting up and tearing down the event, both before and after the competitions.  Volunteer Skill Profile: T-LOW, P-HI, A-LOW, C-MED

Master of Ceremonies (aka "MC" or "Emcee")

Primary individual responsible for setting the tone of the competition. Create and sustain an exciting and fun atmosphere throughout the event. Most visible presence at the event; embodies the spirit of FIRST and is the consummate FIRST ambassador. Play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play, and maintaining the pace of the event.

  • Commentate the Opening and Closing ceremonies and FTC matches
  • Provide spectators and teams an overview of game and the basic rules frequently throughout event
  • Announce teams participating in matches
  • Keep spectators informed of competition agenda and status; seeks and announces unique information specific to individual teams
  • Facilitate compliance with schedule; adjust commentary accordingly and helps ensure schedule compliance
  • Hosts the opening and awards ceremonies

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-MED, P-HI, A-LOW, C-HI

Medallion Award Assistants

Medallion Award Assistants report to the Event Manager,

Responsible for the unpacking, cleaning, marking, organizing, and distribution of the various awards, trophies, and medallions awarded at Event Ceremonies

  • Set up the medallion stands and assist with medallion distribution
  • Assists the VIP(s) who present medallions to teams

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-LOW, P-MED, A-MED, C-HI


This person captures the competition on film and/or video for archival and future publicity.  

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-MED, P-HI, A-LOW, C-MED

Pit Announcer

The Pit Announcer’s primary duty is to call teams to the queuing area,

  • Makes general announcements via use of the public address system
  • Works in collaboration with the Team Queuing volunteers to facilitate adherence to team match schedule

Volunteer Skill Profile:  T-LOW, P-LOW, A-LOW, C-HI

Pit Manager

The Pit Manager is responsible for setting up the Pit area,

  • Trains the volunteers
  • Manages all activities in the Pit area including coordination of Pit Administration table and team interface
  • Collaborates with Emergency Medical Technicians

Volunteer Skill Profile:  T-MED, P-MED, A-MED, C-HI

Pit Runner

Escorts teams from the pit to the queuing area.  (This position may not be required depending on venue logistics and proximity of pits to fields). 

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-LOW, P-HI, A-LOW, C-MED


Observe team matches, identify rule violations, and "call" them. Calculate the official score of the matches and participate in deliberations regarding contested calls. Work under the direction of the Head Referee. Play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play, and maintaining the pace of the event.

  • Observe matches, "call" rule infractions; determine penalties
  • Participate in deliberations regarding contested calls
  • Complete and submit a scoring sheet, after each match, to the field runners
  • Participate in discussions with other referees to determine official match scores
  • Monitor and promote safe practices on and around the playing field

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-MED, P-MED, A-HI, C-HI

Registration and Information Table Attendant

Manage all activities for FTC Team registration at Registration Table. Provide direction, assistance and information to event attendees.

  • Assist with table set up and break down
  • Greet and check in teams as they arrive
  • Ensure all paperwork is completed and collected
  • Distribute badges, registration materials, t-shirts and other related items to teams
  • Provide information and direction to teams and guests

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-LOW, P-LOW, A-HI, C-HI

Robot Inspector

Robot Inspectors perform mandatory robot inspections and weigh-ins to ensure compliance with robot construction rules.

  • Robot Inspectors determine inspection outcome decisions (pass/fail)
  • Perform random inspections, and work under the direction of the Lead Robot Inspector

Volunteer Skill Profile:  T-HI, P-MED, A-HI, C-MED


Manage and operate the scoring and field control systems. Communicate scores. Play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining the pace of the event.

  • Set up the scorekeeping system; ensure equipment functions properly
  • Enter scores in scoring computer from scoring sheets - post scores to AV System
  • Post match results
  • Assist with break down of scoring system and field

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-HI, P-LOW, A-HI, C-MED

Team Queuer

Responsible for managing team traffic to and from the playing field. Stage and position teams in preparation for the start of matches. Play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining the pace of the event.

  • Stage and position teams for matches
  • Restrict access to field for unauthorized individuals
  • Maintain an uninterrupted flow of teams to the playing field
  • Direct teams to fields, and facilitate team departure from field

Volunteer Skill Profile: T-LOW, P-HI, A-MED, C-HI

Team Queuing Assistant

Assists the team queuer with managing and accounting for teams before and after their matches. 
Volunteer Skill Profile: T-LOW, P-HI, A-MED, C-HI