FTC Payment Terms

In order to register for this year's tournaments, you must agree to the following payment terms.


$275.  This fee gives your Team access to discounted parts ordering and the ability to register for Official FTC Events during the 2014 - 2015 Season.  Additional tournament registration fees may apply.


The FTC Program registration fee is nonrefundable. Registration fee must be received by FIRST Finance before your team is eligible to compete in your first event. World Championship Event information will be released later in the season. 

Payment can be made by check, credit card, or purchase order from the school. One of these forms of payment must be received before your team will be allowed to compete. 

Tournament information

Official FTC events will be listed on the FIRST website (http://www.usfirst.org/whatsgoingon). 

A Scrimmage is a small practice event run by volunteers in your area. These events are usually anywhere from 3 to 20 teams and are stand-alone events. A Scrimmage will not advance a team to the next event level, but are highly recommended because of the additional experience they give a team.

A Meet is a short duration event held by FTC Leagues. This type of event allows teams to compete in three or more small, region based Leagues. A modified Judging format that includes a video submission from a team is utilized in League Play. From Meets, teams advance to either a League Championship or a State/Regional Championship, depending upon the Region. Teams should check with their local Affiliate Partner to learn more about League Play in their area.

A Qualifying Tournament is held in areas where the Championship Tournament in that area is expected to reach full capacity. This type of event allows teams to compete for spots at a State/Regional Championship Tournament. Judging and Awards are a part of the Qualifying Tournament structure.

A Championship Tournament abides by certain standards in format, judging, awards and overall quality. Your area's FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner is directly responsible for running your State/Regional Championship Tournament. Some Championship Tournaments may require that teams advance through a League or a Qualifying structure.

A Super Regional Championship Tournament is an event to which State/Regional Championship Tournaments advance teams. There are four FTC Super Regions in the United States, and each Super Region will host an FTC Super Regional Championship.

FTC Affiliate Partners reserve the right to limit the numbers of teams attending any of these tournaments, and the right to limit registration to teams residing in their state or region. FIRST nor the local FTC Affiliate partner can guarantee a tournament in your area, even if you have registered with FIRST.

Refund Policy

The FTC Program registration fee is nonrefundable. FIRST is not responsible for cancellations or the inability of a team to travel due to weather, threat of terrorism, act of God and other events beyond FIRST's control. We are sorry, but there will be no exceptions.

Payment Policy

All Registration Fees paid to FIRST in U.S. Dollars only.

When submitting a form of payment via postal mail, email, or FAX, these payments received must be submitted to FIRST Finance with a copy of the Invoice printed from the FIRST TIMS system.

1) Credit Card: VISA, MASTERCARD,or American Express Online payments can be processed through the TIMS system on your team summary page, Payment section.  System will accept payment for full amount or balance due.

2) Check (U.S. Funds only): This means the funds must be drawn on a U.S. Bank.

Please make sure that all checks remitted state your FTC Team number to enable swift & proper crediting.

Make checks payable to: FIRST

Mail to:

Attn: Finance
200 Bedford Street
Manchester, NH 03101

3) Purchase Order:

You may email your signed purchase order to FIRST ® Finance at:ar@usfirst.org or fax to 603-206-2079

Please state your FTC team number to be properly credited. All purchase orders will be invoiced with 30 day terms or the date published that the payment is due.

4) Grant Code (if applicable) You can input your grant code online where the appropriate total will be applied to your team registration. Any residual amounts can be paid by utilizing the other payment methods.
5) Commitment Letter from Grantor or Sponsor 

Fax to FIRST Attn: Finance at 603-206-2079

Letters must state your FTC team number and event to be properly credited.

FIRST Finance will accept a commitment letter from a Grantor or Corporate Sponsor. The commitment letter must be on their letterhead and signed by the individual who is taking the responsibility for guaranteeing that payment is made to FIRST.

All Commitment letters must provide FIRST with the address and phone # of a contact to verify funds. FIRST Finance will work directly with Grantor or Sponsor if needed.

FIRST cannot accept a commitment letter from a School or a School District. A Purchase Order must be provided as guarantee of payment.

You can input your grant code online. 


Email: ar@usfirst.org
Finance Group:   603-666-3906 x563
Finance Fax:603-206-2079

Postal Address:      
200 Bedford Street,
Manchester NH 03101

To pay by phone, call FIRST Finance at
1-800-871-8326 ext. 563.


If your affiliate partner in your region utilizes the FTC TIMS system to manage the regional FTC events, those events are NOT paid for in the FTC TIMS system. Any and all FTC regional event fees (if applicable) are paid to the event coordinator. Refund policies for FTC events are determined by the affiliate partner of the region the events occur in, not by FIRST