The 2014-2015 FTC Game Page

QuadX with Robot

Save the date! The 2014-2015 FTC Game is revealed each year at Kickoff. This year, Kickoff is scheduled for Saturday, September 6, at 12 p.m. (ET). The reveal will happen at live kickoff events around the world on that date. Find a kickoff near you or visit this page to hold your own kickoff.

Hints as to what the game may (or may not) be are revealed on the FTC Blog beginning in August.  

But do not wait until Kickoff to start building your team and robot. The Spring and Summer months are great times to form your team, get training in programming and design, and to become familiar with the kit of parts. You can find a variety of training and techincal resources in the Team Resources and Mentor Resources sections of this site.

2014-2015 Season Game Materials

Game Manual Part I

>>Looking for game materials for the 2013-14 FTC BLOCK PARTY! game, or any other past game? Visit the Past Seasons Game Archive.