Game Q and A Instructions

FIRST Tech Challenge Game Question & Answer System 

This system, which is a subset of the FTC Forums, is used to provide teams with answers to questions about the rules of the FIRST Tech Challenge game. To proceed, please click on the link below.

Forum Link

Anyone may view questions and answers within the FTC Game Q & A forum without a password.

In order to submit a new question, you must have a unique Q & A System User Name and Password for your team. It is NOT the same as your TIMS password. Each registered team will receive one set of credentials for the entire team to share. Your team's Main and/or Alternate Contact can access your team’s unique Q & A User Name and Password by logging in to your TIMS record here:


The Q & A login information can be found on the right side of the Team Summary page in TIMS.

To submit a question:

  1. Click the forum link (above).
  2. Log in with your team's Q & A User Name and Password.
  3. From the FIRST Tech Challenge “CASCADE EFFECT” forum, find the section of the forum that relates to your question. For example, if your question is about parts allowed on your robot, go to the section titled “The Robot.”
  4. Click on the “Post Your Robot Questions Here:” sub forum.
  5. Click on “Post New Thread” button.
  6. Enter the title of your question.
  7. Enter the text of your question.
  8. Hit the Submit New Thread button.

Please note that once you submit your new thread, it will not immediately be made available for public viewing. Your posted question will be reviewed first by the appropriate moderator and an answer will be posted in a timely manner.