Get Ready for Competition

Competition Preparation Check List

  • Always make sure you have the latest version of the Game Manual. Check the revision table to keep up with things that may have changed.  
  • Print out a Team Roster through TIMS. Be sure every team member has parental Consent & Release, either through STIMS or a printed form.
  • Not sure what an Engineering Notebook is supposed to look like? View the examples on the Team Resources page under Training Resources. 
  • During competition season, you can download a copy of the printable FTC Forum.
  • Scouting Form and Scouting Spreadsheet (shared by Team #4997 Masquerade).


 checklist Review the Game Manual for what to expect at Inspection. Download all forms on the Team Resources webpage under Awards and Competition.
 box Not sure your robot will fit into that 18" x 18" x 18" sizing box? Here are simple instructions for you to build a sizing box. 
 flags You'll be sent back to the pit if your robot doesn't have a proper flag holder. To be certain your design will hold a regulation alliance flag securely during competition, here are instructions on  how to make your alliance flags to the exact regulations.
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Don't forget to include a Bill of Materials (BOM) for your robot! (See your Game Manual Part II)

You can get a template on the Game Page 

This list MUST be submitted at inspection.



Download and work on the Team Judging Self-Reflection Sheet. This will not be collected, but will prove useful to your Team.

Apply for the Control Award! Be sure to complete the Control Award Content Sheet and check with Pit Admin at the event on how to submit it.

lg trophy Are optional Awards being given out? Check on submission guidelines for the Promote and Compass Award specific to the Event.
eng notebook Get your Engineering Notebook up to date and cleaned up for the Judges. View the examples on the Team Resources page under Training Resources.
checklist Practice your Team Judging presentation. Watch this Video Tutorial.