FIRST Tech Challenge Team Grants

2015-2016 FTC Technology Transition Grant

FIRST Tech Challenge is a dynamic team Sport for the Mind™. Students master STEM skills in a robotics competition environment where they develop a strategy and build robots based on sound engineering principles. These robots compete in a specific set of game challenges that apply to real world problems. Students grades 7-12 learn valuable life skills, expand and grow as students in STEM and qualify for over 15 million dollars in college scholarships. For your chance to compete in our 2015-2016 season, register your team here.

This year a grant is being offered to give more students access to a STEM experience that will positively impact their lives and to assist all teams with the new FTC technology transition. We are offering a Technology Transition Grant to rookie teams in the amount of $575 ($275 covers registration fee + $300 covers product cost) and a to veteran teams in the amount of $275 (which covers registration).

This grant will be available to teams when they register in TIMS, however they MUST fill out an FTC Technology Transition Grant application to be eligible. Grant winners will be chosen based on need. Teams that anticipate receiving a second grant for the 2015 season should wait to complete their checkout until they have received all of their grants. Teams that pay before receiving the FTC Technology Transition Grant will no longer be eligible to receive the grant. Teams may only receive one Transition Grant per season.

Please note that funding is limited and all grants are awarded through a need-based application process. Click Here to Apply.

FIRST is still working on raising additional grant funding, but applications will be accepted until December 31st or when grant funds are depleted, whichever comes first.

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