It's All FIRST to Me: Transitioning from FLL to FTC Virtual Conference

Are you interested in learning how to take your FLL Team and turn it into an FTC Team? Are you a Rookie FTC Team looking for advice on getting a good start on the season? This four-part video training filmed in 2014, featuring experts from the FTC community, is for you! Hear from Ken Johnson, director of FTC, teams that made the transition, and FIRST co-founder Woodie Flowers!

You can watch the conference in its entirety or follow the links below to access specific segments.

It's all FIRST To Me Opening with Ken Johnson and FTC in a Nutshell with Rebecca Whitaker, FTC Iowa Affiliate Partner

Starting an FTC Team with Terra Nova Robotics

Finding FTC resources with Team Tesla

Transitioning Teams Successfully with Fish in the Boat and Closing by Woodie Flowers