Matrix Robotics Kit of Parts

Matrix Robot

The Matrix Robotics Kit of Parts is an aluminum robotics building system that is fully compatible with the LEGO® Mindstorms™ system.

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  • QUICK CONNECTOR prototyping system allows students to creatively explore design options in minimal time.
  • MATRIX stays in module with LEGO® Technic™, making it easy to combine the two systems.
  • 100% LEGO® MINDSTORMS™compatible.
  • Reusable

You can purchase your Matrix Kit of Parts through the FTC Team Information Management System after your team is registered and paid.

Matrix Base Set:

  • Price: $499
  • Motors: x2 w/encoders
  • Servos: x2
  • Wheels: 96mm x2, 48mm x2
  • Controller: 4 motor ports, 4 servo ports
  • Power:  Battery pack and charger
  • Sturdy carrying case w/sorting trays
  • 6pc. Tool set
  • Quick Start Guide with programming and building tips
  • Kit of Parts Contents

Matrix Competition Resource Set:

Matrix Robot

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