The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT* is an intelligent micro-computer that acts as the “brains” of an FTC robot.  The programmable NXT controls the motors and servos that make FTC robots come to life.  The NXT also works with a variety of LEGO-approved sensors, allowing it to get real-time feedback from its environment.  For FTC, the NXT supports both the LabView and RobotC programming environments,  giving teams flexibility in choosing the environment that works best for them.

The FTC Samantha module is a device that allows a team to control the NXT remotely, through a wireless connection.  The Samantha module is attached to the NXT using a standard USB cable.  It allows a team to start and stop its robot remotely.  It also lets team members drive their robot remotely.  Commands from the driver's game controllers are sent through a wireless connection to the SAMANTHA module where they are processed by the NXT micro-computer. 

*The new LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is NOT AUTHORIZED for the 2014-2015 FTC competition season.


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