Start a Team

Starting an FTC team may seem like a daunting task, but by following these four steps and utilizing the resources found on this page, it is a very manageable process.

1. Build your Team - Teams are made up of students, grades 7-12, who are ready to take on the challenges applying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics concepts to robotics. Gather team members (FTC recommends a team size of about 10 students, with a limit of 15) from your school and/or community. Guidance for recruiting team members, training the team, and helpful resources are outlined in the FTC Mentor Manual

2. Register your Team - Once you have gathered your team, go to the Registration section for details on cost, budgeting and instructions on how to register your team. Once your Team is registered, have your students register in the Youth Team Member Registration System. US teams will fidn the following resources useful:

3. Enlist additional Coaches and Mentors - Guidance for recruiting Mentors and Coaches, training, and resources are outlined in the FTC Mentor Manual. Every FIRST Team is required to have two adult Mentors/Coaches who have passed the FIRST background screening process. Learn more about this requirement at the FIRST Youth Protection Program web page.

In FTC, the terms Coach and Mentor are used interchangeably to describe an adult team member (18+) who leads students by example. Mentors are expected to practice Gracious Professionalism® and act as positve role models for the team. Coaches and Mentors need not be technical. Non-technical Mentors can help with organization, provide snacks, transport youths and provide moral support. Parents and teachers make excellent Mentors and Coaches. Check out the Mentor Resources webpage for more information and resources.
4. Get Started - Review the materials on this website and, if possible, attend events like a kick-off, workshops and scrimmages. You will also find the following pages very helpful:

And remember, you can also contact FTC Team Support by calling (800) 871-8326 or e-mailing The team support staff can answer all your questions.

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