The hardest fun ever!


Are you ready to challenge your mind and compete head-to-head with robots?  Then check out the FIRST Tech Challenge!

FTC offers students like you the opportunity to build robots, learn computer programming and computer assisted design (CAD) and compete against other teams at the local, regional and national level! You will gain practical, hands-on skills that test the theories and concepts you learn in the classroom.

CompetitionWhen you join an FTC team, you join a global community of students who are interested in using technology to build a better world tomorrow.  There are over 20,000 students from around the globe who design and build robots to compete against one another at FTC Tournaments. Compete locally to earn your way to the annual FTC World Championship!

In addition to the fun and excitement, FTC students also gain access to over $13.5 million in college scholarships.

If there is not an FTC team in your school or community, find an adult and some friends and Start a Team today!