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What are Super-Regional Championship Tournaments and why are they necessary?

FTC teams in the United States advance from state or regional-level Championship Tournaments to one of four Super-Regional Championship Tournaments before advancing to the FTC World Championship.

Thanks to the efforts of FIRST volunteers, FTC has seen strong program growth and a new level of competition is needed to give the growing number of teams more opportunities to participate.  This advancement tier allows FTC to maintain a sustainable event structure, continue offering merit-based advancement and increase the level of competition.

The four Super-Regional Championship Tournaments are currently hosted in Northern California, Texas, Iowa and Pennsylvania.  These locations were selected based on timing, accessibility, safety, local support, and resources to execute a strong event.

Super-Regional Championships are FIRST-endorsed events and are expected to expand outside of the U.S. in the future.  Please refer to the FAQ section below for more information.

What is a Super-Regional Championship Tournament?

A Super-Regional Championship Tournament is an event to which Regional Championships advance teams, and then teams advance from the Super-Regionals to the World Championship. There are four FTC regions in the United States with additional regions to be determined internationally as the program grows. Each US region will host one Super-Regional.

Why are we planning Super-Regionals?

FTC has been fortunate to experience great growth over the last few years. We worked with our Partners to identify the right way to maintain a system of merit-based advancement as we continue to grow. We want to maintain the World Championship as an event that represents the top achievement for our teams.  Our additional goal is to continue to provide each regional Championship with an advancement opportunity for teams. We believe that adding another tier to the competition provides the opportunity to achieve these goals.

How do Super-Regionals work?

Each Super-Regional advances teams to the World Championship, using the same advancement criteria list currently in place (see Game Manual Part 1). Super-Regionals will be held from late February through early April, no later than three weeks before the World Championship.

What does this mean?

U.S. regional Championship events advance teams to a Super-Regional event rather than directly to the World Championship.

What is the advancement structure?

Teams advance from Qualifying Tournaments (or meets/leagues depending on the region) to the state or regional Championship Tournament associated with those events.  That Championship Tournament advances Teams to a specified Super-Regional Tournament.

Can I pick which Super-Regional I want to attend once I qualify?

No. Each Championship advances teams to a specified Super-Regional. It does not matter where your team is located; advancement to specific Super-Regional tournaments is through designated Championship events.

How can I sign up for a Super-Regional?

Teams must qualify to attend Super-Regional events through their performance at a regional Championship event. Eligible teams will receive an invitation with registration instructions after their state or regional Championship. See below for details on the advancement criteria.

What criteria will be used to advance teams?

Teams advance using the criteria for advancement outlined in the Game Manual. Teams will use the same advancement criteria to advance from a qualifier to a state Championship, from the state Championship to the Super-Regional, and from the Super-Regional to the World Championship.

How were Super-Regional sites selected?

Key factors were timing, accessibility, safety, local support, and resources to execute a strong event.

Where are the locations?

The locations and dates of the Super-Regional Championship tournaments can be found above, with links to each event page.

How much is the registration fee?

The Super-Regional Championship fee is $500 payable to the organizer. Teams who believe they may advance should prepare now for a greater fundraising amount for this season.

How many teams from each state competition will advance to the Super-Regional?

Each Championship event in the U.S. has been given an allocation of teams to advance to its designated Super-Regional Championship tournament. The number of advancement spots allocated to each Championship is equitably distributed among the Championship regions in the Super-Region, based on the number of teams receiving “primary support” from that Affiliate Partner.  Primary support does not necessarily mean that a team competes only in that region. It means that a Partner has primary responsibility for making sure that team receives support or an opportunity to register to compete. Not all teams compete and some choose to compete at events outside of their region due to scheduling or other preferences. The allocation per Championship will be reviewed at the start of each season and adjusted to maintain equitable distribution. There is a minimum allocation for this season of no fewer than 3 teams advancing from a Championship to a Super-Regional Championship tournament.

How many teams will be competing in each Super-Regional?

Each Super-Regional Championship tournament will host 72 teams, for a total of 288 spots at Super-Regional Championships.

How many teams will be advancing from each Super-Regional to the World Championship?

We currently expect the top 20 teams from each Super-Regional to advance to the FTC World Championship. This number will change each year as the number of countries participating in FTC continues to grow.

How do teams advance from Super-Regionals?

In the event that the team listed has already advanced or there is no team fitting that description (as in 2nd team selected at smaller events), the advancement will continue in order.

New advancement criteria coming for the 2014-2015 season

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