Team Blast - 04-10-14

FTC Team E-Blast!


  1. Take our end of season survey
  2. FTC Live! at Wolrd Championship
  3. Vote for your favorite Minibot
  4. SpaceX offers internships
  5. FIRST Scholarship News
  6. FIRST introduces Youth Protection Program

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              FTC Live!

                1.  Did you have a blast this FTC Season? Did you think we need improvement? Let us know all about your season by taking the FTC end of season survey.  This is for Students and Mentors! 

                End of Season Survey

                Can't make it to St. Louis? Get live World Championship  updates each day via FTC Live!

                Quick Links:

                2.  Can't make it to St. Louis for World Championship?  Get live updates and streaming matchplay.  Visit the FTC Live! page for more information:

                FTC Live!

                3. Have you heard about the FTC Minibot Challenge? The robots have been submitted, now you can vote for your favorite!  Watch the videos on the YouTube playlist and then give thumbs up to your favorites. 

                FTC Minibot Challenge Playlist

                4.  SpaceX is proud to partner with FIRST and support the development of the next generation of amazing engineers and innovators.  

                In collaboration with leadership at FIRST, SpaceX will select 10-15 highschool seniors who will receive preliminary acceptance to the SpaceX internship program.  To learn more, view the submission guidelines:

                SpaceX Internship Guidelines

                5.  Get the latest FIRST Scholarship Program news in the April newsletter:

                April FIRST Scholarship Newsletter

                6.  FIRST is proud to announce it's new Youth Protection Program.  The goal of this program is to ensure students of all ages can participate in an evironment where they can learn, grow and have fun with a minimal risk of injury.  Learn more about this new program and what it means for you by visiting the Youth Protection Program home page.