Volunteer Resources

fta This section contains resources for FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer training and development. Learn more about becoming an FTC Volunteer or view the complete listing of volunteer opportunities at FIRST. All FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteers must be screened as part of the FIRST Youth Protection Program.

FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer of the Year

Each year, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) presents the Volunteer of the Year Award to an individual who personifies the vision and mission of the FTC program. This volunteer works beyond their local community to spread awareness of the program. He or she is willing to share their experience and ideas with others and is often the volunteer that all other volunteers would like to work with and learn from. The 2015 recipient is Dale Jordan of Portland, Orgegon. Dale has spent countless hours researching the effect of static discharge on robots and developing strategies for reducing static impact on robots during events. While Dale loves working with the other Volunteers at events, his favorite aspect is talking with the kids at competitions and hearing about what they've learned and done. He can usually be found in the pit area talking with team members, many of whom he's gotten to know well over the years. You can read more about Dale Jordan in the FIRST newsletter.

You can check out past recipients of the FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer of the Year Award on the FTC Hall of Fame.

FTC Volunteer Role


Event Coordinator

League/Meet Organizer Guide

Field Electronics Setup Guide

FTC Guide to Addressing NXT Lockups

Scoresheets 1 per page | 2 per page

Instructions for Building Sizing Boxes

Instructions for Making Alliance Flags

Field Control System Operators

Field Control System Operator Manual 

Field Control System 3.1.0 (.zip) - updated 1/5/15

Field Managers Field Manager Manual
Field Resetters Field Reset Manual
Game Announcers/Emcees Emcee and Game Announcer Manual - updated 12/18/14 
Hardware Inspectors

Hardware Inspector Manual

Legal and Illegal Parts List for 2014-2015 CASCADE EFFECT


Judge Manual - updated 12/18/14

FTC Awards Descriptions

Mentors and Coaches Mentor Guide
Pit Administrators Pit Administration Manual
Queuers Queuer Manual

Referee Manual


Scorekeeper Manual and Scoring System Guide

Scoring System (.zip) - updated 1/29/14

Software Inspectors Software Inspector Manual
Volunteer Coordinators Volunteer Coordinator Manual