FTC World Championship Frequently Asked Questions


Which style IR Beacon will be used on the competition fields?

This year's playing fields will utilize the "new-style" IR Beacons.

Where can I make my hotel reservation?
Please go to https://www.firstchampionshiphousing.com/ to make hotel reservations and find more information about housing it St. Louis. You must be at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis by Noon on Wednesday, April 23rd.

How do I get my Finale Party wristband?
You can find more information about our Finale Party, and purchase your Finale Party wristbands at https://www.firstchampionshiphousing.com/. Wristbands will be available on site, but only while supplies last.

Purchase your wristband early to make sure you get one.

When do the pits open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday?
FTC Pits open at 7:00am

A Mandatory Drivers Meeting will be held on Thursday at 8:15am on the DaVinci Field in the Edward Jones Dome. FTC Qualification Matches will begin at 9:00 am on Thursday on the DaVinci field in the Edward Jones Dome.

IMPORTANT! Please plan to arrive in the pit when the doors open at 7:00am. Teams who will be participating during the first 6 matches in the morning will be asked to be in queue and be at the playing field well in advance of the 9:00am start.

Semi Final and Final matches will begin at 7:30 am on Saturday, and will be followed by Closing Ceremonies at 12:45 pm in the America’s Ballroom, second level in the America’s Center. FTC Pits close at 12:30 pm on Saturday.

IMPORTANT! Teams participating in the Semi Final and Final rounds will each receive an extra access button that will give one additional team member access to the DaVinci Field. Teams will be asked to report directly to the field Saturday morning and to be queued and ready to go. Plan to bring your robot, extra batteries, spare parts your tool kits and one member of your repair crew with you as there will be no time for teams to run back to the pit.

When should we break down our pit?

Teams must be cleared from the Pit area by 12:30pm on Saturday. Work crews with heavy equipment will be removing and packing all the pit resources, making it unsafe for teams to be in the area. Pits should be cleared before you attend the closing ceremony. There will be no opportunity to return to the pit after the ceremony.

Where’s my pre-ordered box lunch?

Participants will need a bracelet to pick up the box lunch or Express Meal Service. Bracelets are color coded to the box lunch or meal choices. Students can wear them or their chaperone can use them as vouchers to pick up the meal for the student. No bracelet, no service; pre-ordered meal choice is final. These bracelets must be picked up at the entry of hall 1 prior to meals for service. Hand-outs end at 11am on April 24. We are not responsible for box lunch/meal bracelets not picked up. Hall 1 entry does not open for service until 11am. Early doors open are at the discretion of Levy Restaurants. For questions or additional information, please email amctrpreorders@levyrestaurants.com.

Lunch service time all days, 4/23-26, 11am-2pm

Can my team bring lunch into the venue?

No.  Due to venue regulations, participants and attendees are not permitted to bring outside food into the Edward Jones Dome or America's Center Complex.  Bottled water is permitted.

Will you please page my friend . . . ?

You may hear announcements coming from the FRC and FLL areas that do not apply to FTC, so always listen for “Attention FTC Teams!” and pay attention. Announcements are for event related purposes only. No personal shout outs will be considered.

Can I get wireless Internet in the pit?

No. But free wireless internet access is now available in the common areas of the America’s Center. This access is not available on the pit floor. Due to the wireless nature of FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition control systems, wireless availability will be evaluated during the course of the event. Teams will not be allowed to set up their own wireless networks at the Championship. While we certainly appreciate the positive potential team-created wireless networks could represent, there is a chance such wireless networks could interfere with planned activities during the event.

How do I submit Promote and Compass Award Videos?

*Submission for the Promote and Compass Awards is now closed*

1) Sign up for a Dropbox.com account (up to 2GB of free and secure online storage).
2) Create a folder and name it with your team number and the award it will contain (i.e. 1234 Promote or 1234 Compass). Upload your video into this folder.
3) CRITICAL STEP: Video naming structure needs to be as follows: “team#_promote/compass_world” (i.e. “team1234_compass_world”)
4) Share your folder with ftcvideoawards@usfirst.org. FTC staff will accept the invitation and download your video.

What’s new at the Opening Ceremony this year?

This year’s Opening Ceremony will feature an Athlete Parade! Each team will need to volunteer two representatives to march in our Athlete Parade at the start of the ceremony. More info to come.