FTC World Championship Video Award Submission Guidelines

Video CameraHave you completed you Compass and/or Promote Award videos?  Then follow the guidelines below to submit them for the FTC World Championship.  

  • Create your video and use this file naming format:
    • team#_promote_ftcworldcmp
    • team#_compass_ftcworldcmp
  • Set up a dropbox.com account
  • Install Dropbox uploader on your computer
  • Create a folder in your Dropbox called "Promote Award" or "Compass Award"
  • Upload your video to the appropriate folder
  • Share the folder with FTCvideoawards@usfirst.org

Please note, only teams who have advanced to the Ring It Up! FTC World Championship will be considered.

Bowled Over! Promote and Compass Award Winners

Promote Award - Team 4444 Compass Award - Team 3141 - The Bears