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The Forum is an online “discussion board” where you can communicate with other coaches, share resources and links, or ask questions.  Discussions remain on the Forum indefinitely so take a look around and see if you can find answers to your questions already posted.   If you can’t find an answer, start a discussion.  Have a question another coach could answer?  Have advice you could provide for a rookie team and would like to share it?  Need input from experienced teams about materials needed for the season?  Create an account and start connecting.

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Chat It Up

To sign-up for the forums you will need the following information:

Please note: your Jr.FLL team registration account is not tied to your forum account. You will need to create a separate ID and password for the forum.

What you need to register:

  • Your birthdate
  • Username
  • Password
  • An updated email address
  • The answer to the random question "What is the Core Value of FIRST? (GP)" is Gracious Professionalism. You need this information in order to complete the process.

Login to the forums via the fields in the upper, right corner of the main page. Once you have completed the information, an verification notice will be sent to the email address entered. Follow the link in this email to activate your forum account.

Before you Dive in

Take advantage of the FAQ direct within the FIRST Forums. It offers specific pointers on utilizing the forums to their full extent.