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Wondering what to do with all those pieces in the Jr.FLL Base Kit?

Check out this video on building a motorized car. 
Check out the "What is Jr.FLL?" video.

Product Tutorials

LEGO® Education produced these awesome tutorials just for Jr.FLL teams! Watch the videos to learn about the Jr.FLL Base Kit, Robotics Kit, BuildToExpress, Power Functions M Motor and Battery Box and Simple Machines Set.

Building - LDraw™ is an open standard for LEGO®CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and scenes. LDraw is and always will be offered free of charge. - Private, independent website featuring LEGO sculptures, mosaics, news, reviews, and building tips & tricks. - BrickJournal is a magazine that spotlights the many aspects of the LEGO Community. Events, people, and models are showcased in every issue, with a couple of surprises too! BrickJournal journalist Joe Meno is always found at the FLL® World Festival. - Cool LEGO building stuff. - More cool LEGO stuff, including a list of parts numbers and names; color chart, sets, building instructions (often old item no longer available on - For LEGO castle aficionados. - Premium venue for individuals and businesses from all around the world to buy and sell new, used and vintage LEGO® through fixed price and auction services. - The Brothers Brick is a LEGO blog for adult fans of LEGO. - International LEGO Users Group Network, a global community of LEGO enthusiasts. LUGNET unites LEGO fans worldwide through forums, web pages, and services.
The Art of LEGO Design by Fred Martin- A slightly outdated, but still very useful guide to building with LEGO. This document covers building robots that don't fall apart.

Simple Machines

EdHeads - Learn about simple machines as you explore this house.
Chicago Science Museum - Help Twitch create simple machines to trade distance for force.
Fantastic Contraption- A fun physics puzzle game.
Power Play - An activity about capturing power with simple machines.


Trifolioum Gears Lesson
A lesson plan about gear types and uses using LEGO gears to illustrate. Introduction to gears lesson.

How Stuff Works
This is a great site for explanations of how things work. It is not a curricula, and not specific to FIRST LEGO League, but has very good explanations of general engineering concepts. For example, How Gears Work, How Gear Ratios Work, and How Differentials Work.

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