For U.S. and Canada teams only

If you are a team from outside the U.S. and Canada please visit to learn more about the Jr.FLL program in your region.

To complete your team registration, you will need:

  • $50 Registration fee (Team Grant Information)
  • Email addresses for 2 coaches - TWO Coaches, over the age of 18, must pass the FIRST Youth Protection Screening prior to being able to pay for your team, access materials etc. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  Screening can take a few days to complete. Please plan accordingly.
  • Your basic team info

What does my registration fee get me?

  • Access to Coach Portal includes:    
  • Challenge Document - yearly Challenge topic/theme developed with the help of topic experts
  • Coaches' Resources - links, books, and places for coaches to find resources for the Challenge topic
  • Coaches' Manual - general Jr.FLL information such as rules, building a team, and help getting started
  • Jr.FLL Team Meeting Guide - 6-8 week guide that aligns with the Challenge Document and contains lessons/activities to assist the coach throughout the Jr.FLL season
  • Jr.FLL Showcase Access - online Expo experience, teams share their research, LEGO model and Show Me poster with teams from around the world, while collecting virtual stickers along the way
  •     Reduced pricing on LEGO Kits

LEGO Products & Pricing
pdf-icon  2015-2016 LEGO Education Product Assortment Price List
LEGO Education generously offers these products to registered Jr.FLL teams. Kits are offered at a discounted price. Please note there is a purchase limit of one (1) of each kit per registered team. Order the products through the registration system.

Regranting Process, Procedures, and W-9


Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

How do I access the Challenge documents?
Access to the Jr.FLL documents is given once the team is paid for. To do so, log into the registration system, go to your team, and follow the link to the Coach Portal.
Jr.FLL Showcase & Coach Portal Instructions - screen by screen instructions

How do I order LEGO products?
Log in to your Jr.FLL TIMS (aka registration) account. Click “Edit/View” next to your team name to go to the Team Summary page. If your Registration Status is showing “Registered/Paid,” you will be able to click "Order" in the next field down entitled “Order Materials.” This will redirect you to the LEGO Education website. Create your own Jr.FLL Store Password to enter the system and order your materials.
NOTE: You will only be able to order one of each kit for each team you register.

Can I purchase a Jr.FLL kit without registering a team?
Jr.FLL materials are only available to registered/paid teams. In order to purchase any of the kits, you must first register and pay for your Jr.FLL team. Jr.FLL Kits are not available for purchase anywhere else- they were made specifically for the Jr.FLL program.

What do I do with the Base Kit?
Wondering what to do with all those pieces in the Jr.FLL Base Kit? Check out this video on building a motorized car.

When does the 2015/2016 WASTE WISE℠ season begin?
Registration for the season will open August 3, 2015, 12PM ET.

I forgot my username and password.
If you have forgotten your username, please email or call us at 1-800-871-8326 and we will be able to provide you with it. If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot your password?" link on registration page.

What products and extra things should I budget for?
Many teams budget for LEGO products, Team t-shirts, Event Registration fees, travel costs, snacks for meetings, as well as supplies the team may use to make their Show Me poster.

What is the difference between the Jr.FLL Base Kit and Jr.FLL Robotics Kit?
The main difference between the Jr.FLL Base Kit and the Jr.FLL Robotics Kit is the ability for your team to experience the early stages of computer programming. This kit will allow your team to build various models and program them to move using software loaded onto a computer. It is important to keep in mind that if you choose to use the Robotics Kit, you will need to bring a computer to an Expo and attach it to your model in order to make your model move. The Robotics kit also does not have the large number of pieces the Base Kit does. It is a great addition for older teams who are looking for a way to start learning the programming process. The Jr.FLL Base Kit that we are recommending is a basic simple motorized mechanism kit that comes with pieces that will allow your team to build a model and use a motor to make a part of the model move.  Many teams buy an extra set of LEGO bricks to build a more robust model, but this is not necessary. It is really up to the coach and the team to decide on how elaborate they want to make their Model.