Start a Team

Junior FIRST® LEGO® League captures the interest of the youngest learners at FIRST. Start your team today.

Step 1: Form Your Team(s)
  • Recruit 2 to 6 children between the ages of 6 - 9 interested in building, researching, or being part of a team.
  • Have more than 6 children interested? Don’t worry; one coach can have multiple teams.

Step 2: Register Your Team(s)
  • Register your team(s) in our Team Information Management System (TIMS). Registration is open from August to April of each year. The full Jr.FLL experience can be completed in just a few months so you can start at any time.
  • You will need to have TWO Coaches, over the age of 18, pass the FIRST Youth Protection Screening prior to being able to pay for your team, access materials etc. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  The screening process is simple and easy, the registration system walks you through the process, however it could take a few days for your Coaches to pass screening.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Registration fee is $50 per team. There may be additional costs for LEGO products; depending on what you have for materials and what is needed. You may purchase these products from LEGO Education by following the link in TIMS once you register.

Step 3: Order Your Materials
You have the option to order materials at a discounted price directly from LEGO Education by following the link in your TIMS account. You may use materials you already have at home; all you need are LEGO bricks/elements and a motor.

pdf-icon2014-2015 LEGO Education Product Assortment Price List

  • Most teams use 400 to 1,000 LEGO parts during the season.  
  • LEGO provides every team with approximately a 20% discount on specific kits designed for the Jr.FLL program.  
  • The Jr.FLL Base Kit is recommended if you are a new team. It has everything your team needs for the season.  
  • You may use LEGO bricks/elements you already own. You must include at least one motorized part in your model. 
  • Have everything but a motor? Check out the product descriptions above. 
  • Want more? Try the Jr.FLL Robotics Kit to experience programming skills using LEGO Education WeDo Software.

Step 4: Begin the Challenge
  • Once you have your permanent team number(s) and products, download the Challenge materials and Coaches' Manual through the Online Showcase to get started. For more information on the Challenge, visit the Challenge page.
  • Check out Past Challenges.
  • You will need a place to hold your team meetings.  Ask a local school if they have a free classroom available, or a library.  You may also ask friends, family, and team members’ families if they have additional space to host meetings.

Step 5: Attend a Jr.FLL Event
Events provide the opportunity for a team to showcase their LEGO model and Show Me poster, in a non-competitive environment.  These are organized in a variety of ways:
  • Display at a friend’s or family’s house;
  • Display at a local library, school, or gymnasium;
  • Host a larger event with several teams to display teams' in a public venue. Post your event on the Event page so other teams in the area can showcase with your team;
  • Check to see if there is a local Jr.FLL Event in your area by visiting the Event page
  • Or the big one ….. the Jr.FLL World Festival Expo; Jr.FLL teams worldwide apply to attend the Expo and are chosen via lottery to join all FIRST programs in one annual event.

Finding a Team

FIRST does not create the teams or match children to teams. Any adult can start a team at their local level. However, FIRST has a community-driven matching system for parents to connect with others to potentially form teams.  Coaches can also try to find more members to add to their team through this community-driven website.