FRC Promotional Fliers, Brochures, Annual Report, Presentations, and Scholarships


Team Recruitment Posters - click each image to download the associated poster PDF.

2012 Team Recruitment Poster 1   2012 Team Recruitment Poster 2   2012 Team Recruitment Poster 3   2012 Team Recruitment Poster 4
Customizing instructions:
Open PDF.
Click on “Highlight Existing Fields” at the top right corner of the PDF.
Fill in your info in the area at the bottom of the poster.
Save document and print.

Event Posters -PDF iconCustomizable FRC event posters

FRC event poster of girls with green hair   FRC event poster of guy with blue safety glasses   FRC event poster of kids watching match   FRC event poster of team celebrating
Customizing instructions:

Open PDF.
Click on “Highlight Existing Fields” at the top right corner of the PDF.
Fill in your Regional info in the highlighted fields at the bottom of the first poster (page 1 of the PDF).  The info will autofill on all four posters.
Save document and print whichever poster(s) you wish to use.


Dean Kamen's Vision 

FRC Summaries and Facts

pdf icon Start a FIRST Robotics Competition Team: 5-Steps New 9/15

pdf icon FRC: How to Start a Team Updated 7/15

pdf icon FRC: How It Works Updated 7/15

pdf icon FRC Overview Updated 7/15

pdf icon FRC 2015 Season Facts Updated 1/15

ppt FIRST and FRC Overview Powerpoint Presentation Updated 6/15


pdf icon FIRST Impact New 04/15

pdf icon Inspiring Students Updated 7/15

pdf icon Building Academic Success Updated 7/15

pdf icon Enabling Careers  Updated 7/15

pdf icon FRC Evaluation  Updated 7/15

Get Involved

pdf icon Corporations Updated 7/15

pdf icon Universities Updated 7/15

pdf icon Teams Updated 7/15

pdf icon Volunteers Updated 7/15

FIRST Summaries and Facts

pdf icon What's FIRST? brochure Updated 8/14

pdf iconFIRST 2015 Season Recap brochure New 9/15

pdf icon The Psychology of the FIRST Experience Updated 10/14

pdf icon FIRST 2013 Interactive Annual Report  New 4/22 

pdf icon FIRST Sponsors  Updated 7/15

pptFIRST Overview Powerpoint Presentation Updated 9/15

FIRST Scholarships

pdf icon FIRST Scholarships Brochure  Updated 9/10/15
pdf icon
FIRST Scholarship Poster Updated 9/10/15

pdf icon FIRST Scholarship Contact Card Updated 9/10/15