Team Fundraising

In addition to the fundraising resources found within the program specific areas of the site, read below for some practical and easy ways to get your FIRST team fundraising plans moving.

Host a Screening of SlingShot in your school or community

Paul Lazarus, FIRST Executive Advisory Board member, has directed a new film about Dean Kamen, his water purification device, and FIRST. The film is titled ‘Slingshot’ and Paul has arranged to get FIRST teams in the United States and Canada access to it for team fundraising purposes at minimal expense and risk. Read more about hosting a screening.

Team Fundraising Toolkit

FIRST has developed a new resource to guide teams as they learn the art of raising funds. Through a generous grant from the Argosy Foundation, FIRST Senior Mentor Renee Becker has created the FIRST Team Fundraising Toolkit to assist any FIRST team with the challenges of raising money.

FIRST Green e-watt saver jpgThe FIRSTGreen e-watt saver is a fast, easy way to raise funds for FIRST teams. The FIRST Green e-watt saver LED bulb does a lot more than cost-effectively light up your room and help save the environment. It helps fund FIRST* teams as they develop an understanding of (and passion for) science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through fun-based research and robotics competitions. FIRST teams raise funds by earning profit on each e-watt saver sold. ANNOUNCEMENT:  The FIRST Green e-watt saver program, funded through Google’s generous grant to FIRST, ended on June 19, 2015 when the last of our bulb inventory was sold.