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General Team Grants Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any resources available for teams to learn fundraising best practices?

Yes, please visit our Fundraising Toolkit page

I have a team grants related question but do not see the answer on this page, who should I contact?

For FRC e-mail:

For FTC e-mail:

For FLL e-mail:

For Jr.FLL e-mail

To speak with a Team Grants Staff member in person, please call 800.871.8326 and request to speak to Team Grants.

1.How do I apply for grants?

 If there are any grant opportunities available we will post them on this page.  At this time there are not any open grant opportunities.

2. Who can sign my W-9? Where can my regrant check be sent?

The W-9 form is required for all regrants. It is required by FIRST that a school or nonprofit organization accept the funds on the team’s behalf. A representative from the school or nonprofit must sign the document and fill in the Employer Identification Number (EIN) correctly. Teams are required to submit W-9s annually.

3. I received a grant. Why can’t I see it on my team’s account?

There are two reasons you might not see your grant on your account:

Received grant acknowledgement from sponsor

  • Sometimes a sponsor will tell teams they are receiving a grant before sending their team list to FIRST. If you do not see the grant on your account in 5 business days please contact Team Grants.

Received grant acknowledgement from FIRST

  • Sometimes sponsors send FIRST a list of teams for which they wish to provide a team grant, but due to time constraints are unable to send complete funding right away. In these situations, FIRST applies the grant to the team’s account as an invoice. If you follow the instructions in Jr.FLL, FTC and FRC Grants FAQ #3 and still do not see your grant, please e-mail Team Grants. 

4. I am looking to start a new team, are there grants available?

The amount and type of grants available differ every year. Many of the team grant recipients are self-selected by our sponsors. If we hear of any “open” grant opportunities we will post them on the Team Grants Intro Page.  

There are many other options to raise money for an FRC team. One of the best places to begin is to have all mentors or parents associated with the team ask their place of employment if they are interested in supporting FIRST teams or already do. Many teams have associations with companies that provide team grants support but do not discover the relationship.

Another great resource is your Local Affiliate. Regional Directors and Partners have knowledge of regional opportunities that are less competitive than national grants. A lot of teams also complete fundraisers or find local sponsorships.  Some tips are also included in the FRC Handbook.

5. I received a grant.  Should I send a thank you letter to the sponsor?

We encourage teams to write thank you letters to sponsors.  Please send them to the below address or to team grants staff.  We will make sure the sponsor receives them.


Attn: Development

200 Bedford St.

Manchester, NH 03101

FRC Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I submit a regrant request?

Instructions for submitting regrants can be found on the FIRST website. 

2. I submitted my regrant paperwork and haven’t received my regrant check yet. What should I do?

FRC regrants are not processed until mid-January when registration for second events closes and are processed in the order the requests were received. Please also keep in mind your FRC team is only eligible for a regrant if the overpayment amount is $1,000 or above.

3. It is coming close to the pay deadline. I am not sure we will have the funds in time. What can I do?

In order to receive your Kit of Parts (KOP) on time it is important to have your first event registration paid by the deadline. If you are having trouble acquiring funds for the season, please contact your Regional Director for opportunities in your area and read through the funding tips on the Fundraising Toolkit.

FLL Team Grants Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I ordered my product and it hasn’t arrived yet?

Registration opens in May, but field setup kits do not begin to ship until July. The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 is expected to ship in August.  Please keep this timeframe in mind when expecting your order. If you have still not received your product and it is after August, please contact

2. What do I do if my coupon code is not working?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your coupon code, please e-mail:

Jr.FLL, FTC and FRC Team Grants Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have been told my team may be receiving a grant, should I wait to order my product?

If there is a possibility you are receiving a grant it is best to wait to order your product until you receive instructions from FIRST. In some cases you will not be able to utilize your grant if you purchase your product before you receive the grant instructions.

2. I submitted my regrant paperwork and haven’t received my regrant check yet. What should I do?

Regrants are available to teams with a credit of $500 or more on their account. Regrants typically take 7 to 21 business days to process. During busy times it can take even longer to process. If your school is accepting the funds on your team’s behalf, please check with your school to see if the check has been received. If the school has not received it, please e-mail Team Grants.

3. Where can I see my payment information?

Only the main contact for your team will be able to see the payment information. Please have him or her complete the following steps:

a)      Sign in to your account in the Team Information Management System (TIMS).

b)      Under “Teams I Can Pay For”, click on “Pay Now.”

c)       From there, click on “View Payment Detail Report” next to the event in question.

d)      Once the main contact opens this page he or she will be able to see grants that were applied, invoices, and balance information.

FTC Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there going to be any open grants for the 2013-2014 season?  How do I apply for these grants?

We are excited to hear of your interest in the 2013 FTC Rookie Grant.  We received an overwhelming response to the 2013 FTC season.  At this time all of the Rookie grants for this season have been allocated. We hope to see you at our events this season.

 Please check out these other resources for starting an FTC team:

Local FTC Partners

Start a Team

FLL-FTC Graduation Grant

Championship Frequently Asked Questions

1. I qualified for Championship, a sponsor said they would sponsor our team, what should I do?

After you qualify for Championship you only have a few days to pay your registration fee. If you have not received instructions from the sponsor and you believe you should be receiving a Championship grant please contact team grants staff immediately.

2. I am in my Pit at Championship and my sponsor comes over to introduce themselves, what should I do?

When a sponsor visits your pit it is very important to thank them their support. They are very excited to meet you and learn about your accomplishments. This is also a great opportunity to provide them with any thank you notes, pictures or mementos from your season.

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